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Braided Stretch Belts

navy blue and beige men's stretch belt on model

1" to 1-3/8" stretch belts. These elastic belts are simple, comfortable, and affordable. Coming in over 40 colors, widths and weaves, they are a staple for casual wear. Trimmed with real leather and braided from cords of durable fiber knitted about a dual elastic core. Available in men's, big & tall, and women's/youth sizes.

Sizing. Numerical sizes refer to waist sizes. There are no belt holes; the buckle prong slips easily into the braid: detail of stretch belt buckle (click to enlarge), so wear them long or short as you desire. Wear them snug, not tight; they'll hold your pants with a comfortable "give".

Select by color: Black stretch belts; Navy blue stretch belts; brown and tan stretch belts.

Also available. Military-style stretch belts: military stretch belt

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